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Essentials for Raspberry Pi Zero Case MicroSD Adapator Card HUB Header Pin

Essentials for Raspberry Pi Zero Case MicroSD Adapator Card HUB Header Pin Heatsink

40 Pin GPIO 2x20 Female Header 2.54mm for Raspberry Pi Zero
Solder this header to your Pi Zero, then you can connect jumper cables to your pi GPIOs.
This 2x20 40 Pin Female Header gives you 2 rows of 20 female header pins all neatly spaced. This can be used to convert your Raspberry Pi 2, A+ or B+ GPIO pins from male to female so it's easy to plug wires into the board directly. Also commonly used to make your own Raspberry Pi extension boards as it mates perfectly with the Raspberry Pi's GPIO headers. Breadboard & Perfboard compatible.

Number of pins: 40
2 Rows x 20 columns
Spacing: 0.01" (2.54mm)
Receptacle style: square
Receptacle Depth: ~0.24" (6mm)
Can be used in conjunction with the supplied Male Header Pins
Fully Tested on the Raspberry Pi Zero

40-pin 2x20 male headers
These 40-pin 2x20 male headers can be used on a Pi Zero or a pHAT to break out the pins.
Add one to a Pi Zero for compatibility with HATs (which use a female header).
Can be used to solder a Pi Zero and pHAT permanently together.

Micro USB Male to USB 2.0 Female OTG Cable for Raspberry Pi Zero

Micro USB Male to USB 2.0 Female cable for Raspberry Pi Zero.

This cable allows you to connect standard use devices like keyboard and a mice to your Pi Zero.

Length: Approx 16 cm

Mini male HDMI to HDMI female Adaptor for Raspberry Pi Zero
Adapter for Raspberry Pi Zero to connect a HDMI TV

Dual Micro OTG USB Hub Adapter For Raspberry Pi Zero
This is Multi-function USB OTG Host Hub Adapter Cable for Raspberry Pi Zero
Brand new multi-function OTG cable
Two ports with USB sign: Support USB flash disk, card reader, mouse, Keyboard, Camera, USB hard disk Can be used together.
You can connect a power supply to the other micro USB port to increase the current output of the two USB ports for items that demand high current.

Micro USB OTG HUB AND RJ45 LAN Adapter for Raspberry Pi Zero
The perfect way to add USB ports and network connectivity to your Raspberry Pi Zero or Model A+.

Expand the connectivity of your Pi allowing you to connect keyboards, mice, WiFi dongles, and other USB devices while also having a super-handy Ethernet port for wired network connectivity. It is robustly constructed with good cable strain relief.

You can expect around 12MB/s throughput from the Ethernet port.

Compact and lightweight
Three port bus-powered USB 2.0 hub
USB 10/100 Ethernet adapter (~12MB/s on the Raspberry Pi)
Strong enclosure with cable strain relief
Weighs just 30 grams

8GB / 16GB MicroSD Card Pre loaded with NOOBS for ALL Raspberry Pi Models
High Quality 8GB or 16GB Micro SD Card
Includes Adapter for Model A and B Raspberry Pi
Pre-Installed with latest NOOBS OS
Includes Raspian Wheezy, openELEC, Arch Linux, RaspBMC, Pidora, RISC OS
Easy setup just select OS from welcome screen
Fully test on Raspberry Pi before dispatch
Fully Compatible with Raspberry Pi A, B, B+, 2 3 ZERO

Zebra Zero Case for Raspberry Pi Zero - Wood
For the new Raspberry Pi Zero, the Zebra Zero is the ultimate protection for your new little friend!

It matches the dimensions of the Pi Zero but ads a middle acrylic layer to add strength, elegant wood plates on the top an bottom to protect the components and our new C4 nuts to hold it all together. A benefit of our new nuts is that they can accept a screw from wither end so if you installed a HAT or pHAT, it can be secured to the nuts on the other side. A straight or angled GPIO header can be installed on either side of the board. As is the case with every Raspberry Pi enclosure that uses the mounting holes for assembly, to use a GPIO cable from the top of the case, a 40-pin header extender is required to clear the screws.

In addition to the premium build, we are also including a heatsink to improve the cooling potential of the 1Ghz CPU on the Pi Zero (not included).

Nucleus Zero for Raspberry Pi Zero - Black Ice
This eye catching case is sure to get your friend's attention. The slim design minimizes size and allows excellent airflow.
Note: This is a fully covered case.
Ultra compact
Excellent air flow
Complete component protection
Made in USA

Raspberry Pi Zero v1.3 LATEST VERSION
Raspberry Pi Zero Details:
BCM2835 (same as Pi 1) but up-clocked to 1GHz, so 40% faster 512MB of RAM micro-SD Slot mini-HDMI micro-USB for data micro-USB for power unpopulated 40-pin GPIO connector (same pinout as A+/B+/2B) Size is 65mmx30mmx5mm

Product ID: EP00327

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