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2pcs HR202L Humidity Resistance Sensor Module WITH Case

2pcs HR202L Humidity Resistance Sensor Module WITH Case
HR202 humidity resistance is the use of organic polymer materials of a new humidity sensor, humidity sensing range, stable performance, long-term use, can be applied to warehousing, cars, indoor air quality control, building automation, medical, industrial control systems and wide range of applications such as scientific research.
Fixed Voltage: 1.5V AC (MAX, sine wave) 
Fixed Power: 0.2mW (MAX, sine wave) 
Operating frequency: 500Hz-2kHz 
Temperature :0-60 ¡æ
Humidity: 95% RH or less (non-condensing) 
Delay Backlash: ¡Ü 2% RH 
Affect the time: moisture, ¡Ü 20S: de Wet ¡Ü 40S 
Stability: ¡Ü 1% RH / Year 
Humidity detection accuracy: ¡Ü ¡À 5% RH 
Relative Humidity 
Conditions: at25 ¡æ 1kHz 1V AC (sine wave) 
Humidity: 60% RH 
Center value: 31K¦¸
Impedance values range :19.8-50 .2 K¦¸
Humidity detection accuracy: ¡À 5% RH
Package Content:
2 x HR202L Humidity Resistance Sensor Module 
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Product ID: EP00386

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