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Digital Display Mini USB Power Current Voltage Voltmeter

Digital Display Mini USB Power Current Voltage Volt Meter
Product description:
1.It can easily measure the USB port of the working current of the output voltage and equipment
2.Compact Size ,No need for power supply and other accessories,plug and play.Also can detect whether the USB charger output voltage current standards,Apply to factory, laboratory and user.
working range:U=3~7.5V   I=0~2.5A
resolution ratio:voltage 10 mv
electricity:1 mA
error: voltage<±1%
operating temperature:0-60c
The electric energy meter adopts a new generation of double integral type four and a half cycle switch integrated circuit,Equipped with a precision band gap reference source,Range accuracy,High precision stable,reliable performance,high EFT,high temperature resistance,Can be used to measure the USB interface,mobile phone charger, usb power or electricity.
1.This product can measure the USB power supply equipment when empty, the load voltage, the USB terminal voltage and current at work
2.Current voltage loop shows, the use of simple and convenient and practical
3.Cabinet and easy to carry, without other power supply
Package Includes: 
1 x USB Voltage meter 
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Product ID: EP00162

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