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GY-61 ADXL335 Triple Axis Accelerometer Module

GY-61 ADXL335 Triple Axis Accelerometer Module 
GY-61 is a small, thin, low power, complete three-axis accelerometer voltage output through the signal conditioning at a minimum of full scale ± 3 g measurement range acceleration. It can measure the tilt-sensing applications in the static acceleration of gravity, and movement, shock or vibration due to dynamic acceleration. User CX, CY and CZ pin capacitance X OUT, Y OUT and Z OUT choose the bandwidth of the accelerometer. You can select the appropriate bandwidth depending on the application, X-axis and Y-axis bandwidth of 0.5 Hz to 1600 Hz, Z-axis of the bandwidth of 0.5 Hz to 550 Hz. ADXL335 offers small size, thin, 16-pin, 4 mm × 4 mm × 1.45 mm plastic lead frame chip scale package (LFCSP_LQ).
 Pin Description:
 1 VCC power supply range of 3-5v
 2 X_OUT X-axis output
 3 Y_OUT Y-axis output
 4 Z_OUT Z-axis output
 5 GND Ground
 Parameter Description:
 3 ~ 5 V power supply
 400uA supply current
 Analog output communication interface
 Operating Temperature -40 ° ~ 85 °
 Dimensions (L * W * H) 15.7mm × 20.3mm × 11.6mm
Package Included:
1 x GY-61 Module 
Product ID: EP00322

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