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Mini SI4432 Remote Wireless Transceiver Communication Module 240MHZ-930MHZ

Mini SI4432 Remote Wireless Transceiver Communication Module 240MHZ-930MHZ

Description Module SI4432 digital module design working frequency is 410-440MHZ , the rf part, reached the highest emission efficiency harmonic minimum, make the SI4432 radio module to the outside equipment of radio frequency interference to a minimum, to work within the scope of the 240-960 MHZ band, and the maximum output power can achieve + 20 DBM, partly meet the difficulty in the development of the rf signal amplification. Maximum power setting conditions again, open communication distance can amount to thousands of meters. Module integrates all rf related functions and components, the user does not need to understand the relevant knowledge of radio, you can use this module easily develop stable and reliable performance of wireless products. Characteristics 1. Frequency range: 410-440MHZ 2. Sensitivity: -120~-121dBm(1.2Kbps) 3. Maximum output power: 20~20.5dBm(1.2Kbps,433M) 4. data transfer rate: 0.123-256KBPS 5. modulation mode: FSK, GFSK and OOK 6. power supply: 1.8-3.6V 7. ultra low power off mode 8. digital received signal strength indicator (RSSI) 9. timing, wake up function 10. antenna automatic matching and two-way switch control 11. configurable packet structure 12. synchronization signal detection 13. 64 bytes send and receive data register (FIFO) 14. low power test 15. temperature sensor, and 8 bits of adc 16. operating temperature range: -40 ~ +80?C 17. integrated voltage regulator 18. frequency hopping function 19. power on reset function 20. Chip automatic calculation and check the CRC - 16, and support the three 16-bit CRC polynomial 21. built-in crystal error adjustment function

Package Include:
1 x Mini SI4432 Remote Wireless Module

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