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MMA7361 replaces (MMA7260) Accelerometer Sensor Module NEW


MMA7361 (MMA7260) Accelerometer Sensor Module for Arduino Raspberry Pi ItS7 

The MMA7361 accelerometer sensor is a low power, low profile capacitive micro machined accelerometer featuring signal conditioning, self test, temperature compensation, etc. This accelerometer sensor includes a sleep mode that makes it ideal for handheld battery powered electronics. Use this accelerometer sensor for PDA, pedometer, navigation and more.


Brand new and high quality.

Onboard MMA7361 micro-capacitive acceleration sensor.

Support 5V/3.3V voltage input, onboard RT9161, lower pressure drop than the 1117, faster load the appropriate speed, ideal for high noise power supply environment.

Range selected by microcontroller IO, can also be resistance selection.

Common pin, pin standard 100mil (2.54mm), Convenient for the matrix board.

Dormancy can be controlled by microcontroller IO.

Size:2.8cm x 1.7cm - 1.10inch x 0.67inch.

Typical Applications:

3D Gaming: Tile and motion sensing, event recorder

HDD Mp3 Player: Freefall detection

Laptop PC: Freefall detection, anti-theft

Cell Phone: Image stability, text scroll, motion dialing, E-compass

Robotics: Motion sensing

Package Included:

1 X MMA7361 Accelerometer Module

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