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MPL3115A2 Intelligent Temperature Pressure Altitude Sensor Module Arduino V2.0

MPL3115A2 Intelligent Temperature Pressure Altitude Sensor Module Arduino V2.0

Life has its ups and downs, so why not measure them? The MPL3115A2 is a MEMS pressure sensor that provides Altitude data to within 30cm (with oversampling enabled). The sensor outputs are digitized by a high resolution 24-bit ADC and transmitted over I2C, meaning it’s easy to interface with most controllers. Pressure output can be resolved with output in fractions of a Pascal, and Altitude can be resolved in fractions of a meter. The device also provides 12-bit temperature measurements in degrees Celsius.

This breakout board makes it easy to prototype using this tiny device by breaking out the necessary pins to a standard 0.1" spaced header. The board also has all of the passive components needed to get the device functioning, so you can simply connect it to something that talks I2C and get to work!

- V2.0 version added power conversion module and IO port level conversion circuit for the 3.3V MCU and 5V chip
- Resolution:< 1 feet /0.3 M
- Pressure range: 20 - 110 kPa
- Compensation, direct reading (don't need software):
20bit pressure measurement (Pascal)
20bit measurements of height (metres)
12bit temperature measurement
- Onboard intelligence
- Sampling rate: maximum 128 Hz

- Absolute pressure measuring range: 20 to 110 kPa
- Relative measuring accuracy: -+0.05 kPa
- Effective resolution: 1.5Pa / 0.3m
- Working temperature range: -40 to 85 degrees C
- Power supply voltage: 2.5 to 5 V
- Logic IO port: 2.5 to 5 V
- I/O power supply voltage: 1.62 to 3.6 V

- Standby mode: 2μA
- Low power mode: 8.5μA, 1Hz sampling
- Compensated data output:
20 the pressure data, output per unit of Pascal
20 height data, output per unit of meter
12 temperature data, output per unit of degree C
- I2C digital output interface
- 2* programmable interrupt pin
- Built in 32 sample buffer of FIFO

Package Content:
1 x MPL3115A2 Sensor Module

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Product ID: EP00594

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