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OEX Novo Folding Leg Stove


A compact efficient and powerful camping stove that's perfect for expeditions.

The OEX Novo Folding Leg Stove is a great choice for backpacking and expeditions, with a very lightweight design and high performance burner.

3 robust legs give a stable footing that will support the weight of your cooking pans, while the windproof shield helps cooking in all weather conditions.

The external gas pipe connects to any screw thread self-sealing gas canister, and uses a simple screw regulator that lets you control the flow rate to the stove.

Windproof shield
Foldable support legs
High heat output
Open size: Ø160 x 76mm
Folded size: Ø98 x 86mm

WEIGHT: 224g
BOILING TIME: 3min 30sec / 1 Litre
POWER (BTU/h): 13,648
GAS CONSUMPTION: 23g/1 Litre, 286g/h
WATT: 4000
MATERIAL COMPOSITION: Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass

Only to be used with Butane-Propane Mix Gas Cartridge 230g.

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