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Smart Line Tracking Robot Car Electronic DIY Kit With Reduction Motor Module Set


Smart Line Tracking Robot Car Electronic DIY Kit With Reduction Motor Module Set

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Name:Tracking Robot Car
Photoresistor (LDR) based line following
Individual wheel control
Chipset: LM393
Material: Electrical components
Colour: As picture shows
Board Size: Approx. 10.4*7.2cm

The assembly steps:

Step 1: Welding circuit
Electric welding part is simpler, welding sequence according to the principle of component level from low to high, the first welding eight resistance, is important to use multi meter to confirm resistance is correct

Step 2: Mechanical assembly
The red line is connected to the 3V positive power supply, the yellow line grounding, excess wire can be used for motor wire.

Step 3: The installation of a photoelectric circuit
Photosensitive resistance and light-emitting diodes (note polarity) is reverse-mounted on the PCB, and the ground distance is about 5 mm, both photosensitive resistance and light-emitting diodes are 5 mm distance. Finally, you can power test.

Step 4: Vehicle debugging

The right direction is along the universal wheel direction, if you press and hold the left photo resistor, the wheels on the right side of the car should be rotated. Press and hold the right photo resistor, the wheels on the left side of the car should be rotated, if the car driving back, can also exchange the wiring of two motors, if the one side normal and the other side back up, as long as you can swap wiring of back side.

Package included:
1 x Base board
1 x 35mm Wheels
1 x Rubber Wheel bands
1 x AA Battery holder
2 x Gearded DC Motors
1 x Screw set
1 x LM393 Chipset
1 x 8pin DIP Socket
10 x Resistor
2 x Electrolytic capacitor
2 x Light dependant resistors
2 x Transitors
2 x White LED
2 x Red LED
1 x Power switch
4 x 70mm Leads

Package Includes:
1 x Line tracking robot

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Product ID: EP00457

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