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Soil Moisture Sensor Module and Corrosion Resistance Probe

Soil Moisture Sensor Module and Corrosion Resistance Probe

Made of high-quality materials for durability
Soil Moisture Hygrometer Moisture Detection Sensor + Corrosion Resistant Probe
Name: Soil Moisture Sensor
Size: 36*15*7mm
Line length: 5M
Voltage: DC 3.3-12V
Current: <20mA; <30mA (output)
Interface: + - do AO; DO digital value; AO analog value
Working temperature: -25~85 degrees Celsius
Application: It is used to detect soil moisture.
Principle: The soil moisture probe is used to detect humidity, and the voltage comparator is used to judge the amount of humidity; when the humidity is greater than the set value, DO output low level.

Usage introduction:
1. "+" is connected to the positive pole of the power supply; "-" is connected to the negative pole of the power supply. Do not connect it in reverse, otherwise it will burn the chip. After connecting, the "P" power indicator is on, and the module is working normally
2. Adjust the blue potentiometer clockwise/counterclockwise to increase/decrease the detection sensitivity. Take "Thermal Sensor" as an example, if the default triggers at 25°C, the DO output is active at low level; after clockwise adjustment, that is, when the temperature is lower than 25 degrees Celsius, it can trigger; if it is adjusted counterclockwise, it can trigger when it is higher than 25 degrees Celsius
3. When the potentiometer is adjusted clockwise until the "S" output indicator is on, it means that the adjustment range has exceeded the detection threshold; if it is adjusted counterclockwise to the maximum expansion, it will exceed the threshold. Please do not exceed the threshold when adjusting, otherwise it will not work normally. The potentiometer adjustment is only used for the DO port, and has nothing to do with the AO output
4. AO output is an analog value (voltage), which can be detected by the AD port of the microcontroller
When the detected value is greater than the set value, DO outputs a low level, the triode is turned on, and the load acts. 1K is the current limiting resistor, 10K is the DO port pull-up resistor
No complicated circuit is required, the AO port can collect voltage through the MCU AD port

Package Included:
1 x Soil Moisture Meter Humidity Detection Sensor Module with Wire for Arduino

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Product ID: EP00642

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