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IRF520 MOS FET MOSFET Driver Module for Arduino Raspberry Pi New

IRF520 MOS FET Driver Module for Arduino Raspberry Pi New
Here is a simple breakout board for the IRF520 Mosfet. Easy hookup to your Arduino or other 3-5v micro controller. Pulse current through a PWM pin, and use this to control a pump, LED, or other DC device at up to 24v, and ~5A. You can check the specs here.
Real simple to use: The simplest way of explaining how this little board works is this: You connect the power for the device you want to control to the Vin and GND. You connect your device to the V+ and V- screw terminals. When the SIG line is HIGH, a little LED lights up, and the GND is 'connected' to the V-. When the SIG line is LOW, the LED turns off, and the GND becomes 'disconnected' to the V-. The V+ and Vin are continuously connected.
You can power this device from your Arduino, VCC goes to the 5V connection, and GND to the GND pin on your Arduino.
Voltage: 3.3V, 5V
Output load voltage :0-24V
Output load current: <5A (1A and above requires a heat sink)
Platform: Arduino, MCU, ARM, Raspberry PI.
Using original IRF520 Power MOS, you can adjust the output PWM.
Drive up to 24V allows the load, such as LED lights, DC motors, miniature pumps, solenoid valves.
PWM dimming LED can be used to achieve step less dimming, variable speed motor control.
Note: Above 1 A load, you need to install heat sink.
Package Included:
1 X IRF520  Driver Module 
Product ID: EP061

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