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3 Wire 3 Pins 3.3V - 5V Alarm Active Buzzer Sensor Module Arduino Raspberry Pi

High Level 3 Wire 3 Pins 3.3V - 5V Alarm Active Buzzer Sensor Module NEW
It and your Arduino/Chinduino will be able to paly melodies.This is a small buzzer for the Sensor Shield. It creates different sound based on the different frequency of I/O toggling. All you need to do is to plug in the buzzer module to sensor shield,and tell the function which pin you'd like to use,the frequency you want to hear,and the duration to play that frequency.
Using 8550 transistor driver
Operating voltage:3.3V - 5 V
With fixed bolt hole and easy installation
IN connect external microcontroller IO port
GND connect external GND
Seven little board PCB size: 3.3 cm * 1.3 cm
module USES 9012 transistor driver
Module interface specifications (3 wire):
1. VCC external 3.3 V-5 V voltage (can be directly and 5 V single-chip microcomputer and 3.3 V single chip connected)
2. GND external GND
3. I/O external microcontroller IO mouth
Package content:
1 x Buzzer module
3 x female-female cables
Raspberry Pi is a Trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation
Product ID: EP097

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